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Gardens By HDB Woodlands

Everyone has heard of Gardens By The Bay at Marina Bay Sands. But have you heard of Gardens By HDB Woodlands? Yes, we do have a lovely garden at the N7C27 Woodlands HDB construction site, all thanks to our Security Officer Kanabadi who is stationed at the site.

SO Kanabadi has started a garden at the site growing a variety of plants from sunflowers, ferns as well as chilies, tomatoes, mint, coriander, cucumber and lettuce just to name a few. Started only a month ago, all the plants have been flourishing well and there has been a continuous harvest of chilies, tomatoes, mint, coriander and lettuce for him as well as the Bangladesh workers at the site to enjoy. Credit has also to be given to the Bangladesh workers working at the same site because they have improvised planters from discarded pipes and used water bottles to grow the plants.

The miniature garden has drawn favorable comments from our client, Newcon Construction Pte Ltd as well as MOM and HDB officials visiting the site.

Well done Kanabadi and keep up the good work!!!


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